Starting with Mandolins, I began making musical instruments around spring 2008. With a family tradition of carpentry, probably the woodworking gene in my my blood had caught up with me. So I swapped a career in IT for Professional Lutherie, and instead of simply collecting a salary, I began to indulge in a passion for creativity using natural materials. And a background in IT certainly helped me to advance.

Combining Traditional Methods, materials & modern technology is my forte. For example, I use a computer to draw & print the fretboard slot positions. 100% mathematically accurate, I also use computer programs for the nut slots - by eye is impossible to measure the string spacing for a 10 string instrument.

Acoustic Instruments are my Speciality. I've built many Mandolins, Ukes & several Guitars. And experimented with many brands of pickups & electro-dynamic contact microphones. My aim is to achieve the best possible natural sound quality from my own instruments. Countless hours of work, impossible without the passion for what I do!


Phone:  077 666 77 429

London Workshop Address:

Unit 10 Print Village, 58 Chadwick Road, Peckham, London UK, SE15 4PU

Visitors to my workshop are wellcome - preferably by appointment.