Hand Carved Mandolin Bridges - using exotic wood species Pink Ivory, Ebony & 'The Tree of Life'.
Often overlooked but essential to the setup of a mandolin is the bridge - the choice of mandolin bridge can make definate audible differences to sound quality. The mandolin bridge should obviously be strong enough to support the pressure of the strings, and must connect properly with the sound board - cut to mimic the arch of the top (alternatively cut flat for flat top mandolins). Four sets of angled grooves are carved perpendicular to the line of the strings. This creates a contact point allowing for tuning compensation and fractional toning adjustment of each string. Further grooves are 'slotted' to keep the strings lodged preventing movement when they are plucked. This prevents 'buzzing' so the strings ring clearly. Again the wood must be dense enough so the slots don't widen or deepen as the strings are plucked - which would have the effect of altering the pitch of the notes played. The lower part of the bridge is carved out into a 'v' shape, so as to allow the wood - with the pressure of the strings - to bend slightly into the arch of the top and increase contact. All these factors add to the clarity and sustain of the notes played.
£65 incl. p&p - Choice of Ebony, Pink Ivory or 'The Tree of Life'. £85 for two. Left handed Mandolin Bridges can also be supplied.
Mandolin bridges effect the sound of a Mandolin. Mandolin bridges must resonate. Mandolin bridges to order. Left handed Mandolin bridges. Enony Mandolin Bridges.
Hand Carved Mandolin Bridges
Mandolin Bridges sale. Mandolin Bridges from Pink Ivory. Mandolin Bridges from 'The Tree of Life'. Enhance your mandolin using a Hand Carved Mandolin Bridge.
To order, contact: sean@ashmandolins.co.uk - Mobile: 077 666 77 429
Prcesion Made Mandolin Bridges. Expertly crafted Mandolin Bridges supporting perfect intonation
Using a selection of exotic woods we can supply you with solid, eye pleasing hand carved mandolin bridges. Our selection includes Pink Ivory (Berchemia zeyheri), Ebony (Diospyros) and 'The tree of Life' (Lignum Vitae). These are the hardest densest woods available on the planet. Pink Ivory is especially hard and compact and was used by the Zulu tribes in Africa for their spear heads - producing a sharp tip resistant to blunting. This is a very attractive wood of a glowing pinkie red colour and exhibits a bright sheen when polished. It sometimes feels more like ivory hence its common name. Ebony is commonly used as fret boards, typically jet black in colour without any visible grain pattern and has the appearance of black silk. Lignum Vitae - 'The Tree of Life' - is another incredibly dense wood. It was used in the past to make trunctions used by the UK police, and as mallets in woodworking. Also it has slightly oily characteristics, which prevents if from drying out completely, and because of this it was also used to make ships propellers. Lignum Vitae is scientifically proven to be the densest wood that grows.
Our mandolin bridges come fitted with large 15 mm diameter solid steel thumbwheels with serrated edges, so they can be griped easily when adjusting the height of the bridge. This larger than usual thumbwheel size allows for height ajustment even while the strings are under tension. The dimensions of the mandolin bridges can be altered according to your specific requirements, generally approximately 12 cm wide, 8 mm thick and 2 cm high - adjustable to around 2.5 cm above the surface of contact with the sound board. Black steel thumberwheels can also be provided if desired. And I also supply Left Handed Mandolin Bridges.