Sorry to say this instrument has been sold.
Is a perfect example of collectables I receive periodically - please email me for advance information of other acquisitions.
Vintage Gibson A4 Mandolin from 1918
Serial number: 45005

This is a recent aquisition - December 2014 - currently being used to help to perfect the construction of my own hand built carved mandolins.

The nut has been replaced, hand cut in bone using digital measuring techniques. The string spacing is absolutely perfect & makes it a pleasure to play. Also the tuners have been replaced with tasteful retro style, and the solid ebony bridge has been hand cut. There is also a vinyl scratch plate professionally fitted, helping to reduce wear & tear.

Otherwise is all original including hard shell case, & includes a set of original sealed strings, most likely from the same period. For an instrument as old as this it's condition can only be described as pristine. Its obviously been well looked after, kept in its case when not being played. The intonation is perfect & it rings out like a bell. In other words it's extremely resonant with a balanced, rich tone.



As an original Gibson mandolin in excellent condition it's an obvious investment. Its tone is sweet & balanced - such mandolins are said to 'chime' like old clocks. It features its original tailpiece and very nice ebony fretboard. Also it has its original Kalamazoo label, with serial number indicating when & where it was made - in this case estimated to have been made in 1918.

While I am currently using this mandolin as a study piece to construct my own instrument, eventually I will want to sell it. Should you be interested to acquire it please contact me either by phone or email. You are welcome to have a look & play it. This instrument really is incredibly resonant, with a sweet rich tone - hence the reason for using it in my studies.

See it in London or Manchester Mobile:+44 (0)77 666 77 429